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Travelling with Children

When travelling with children, its best to check in early so we can seat you next to each other: neighbouring seats are probably not available if you leave check-in to the last minute. Packing your essential childcare supplies such as diapers, medication, baby food and so on in your hand luggage will make travelling more comfortable, especially if your flight is delayed. 

Baby food in hand luggage

If you travel with an infant, you can take the food your baby needs during the journey on board the plane in your hand luggage. Baby food can be in containers larger than 100ml, such as thermos flasks/bottles with water, milk, milk powders and formulas, and it does not need to be packed in transparent re-sealable bags.

You can also carry solid food, i.e. baby purees with you. But please be aware that baby food will be inspected and sampled during your pre-flight security check.

Using baby prams in the Airport

Whether or not you can use your baby pram and/or stroller in the airport up to the boarding gate depends on the specific flight. In most cases, you will be required to register and hand over your pram or pushchair at the check-in desk. Some flights do allow you to keep the pram with you – but please make sure you’ve got explicit permission for this from the check-in staff.

Important! Most aircraft are boarded by stairs. If you are travelling alone with small children and need assistance, please notify airport employees in advance so they can help you board the plane.

Baby changing rooms

Our airport terminal has baby changing rooms located next to the toilets. They are clearly marked and easy to access.

Minors travelling alone

Children aged 12 and above are usually allowed to travel alone. Our airport and your airline staff will make sure that the trip is stress-free and smooth for your child. However, different airlines may have different policies about minors, so make sure you check these with your airline before booking the ticket. We also recommend that your child would carry a documented parental consent when travelling alone.

Good to know!

Make travelling less stressful for your whole family by ensuring your children know in advance what to expect. After all, travelling is an adventure – and all successful explorers start with preparation! Our airport team recommend telling children about security checks (that they need to let go of their teddy bears and toys for a minute or two, but we promise to look after them and they get them back; that going through security gates is exciting and not scary) and how to behave in the airport terminal (always staying close to parents; not running around etc). Our designated children’s play area makes the wait for your flight fun for the little ones and more relaxing for the bigger ones.

Recommendations for travelling with children

  • If you need to heat up your baby food, let the cabin crew know well in advance
  • Check in advance where you can change the baby’s diapers
  • Cabin crew will help you fasten the carrycots (children in carrycots are always seated by the window!) and if you’re holding the child in your lap, you’ll be provided with the seatbelt extension for the child.
  • If possible, try to schedule feeding your child for take-off and landing: it helps to reduce earache resulting from changes in air pressure in the cabin.
  • Cabin crew appreciate it when parents keep their young children in their seats during the flight, as it might be difficult to spot children moving around in the aisles during in flight service.
  • If you can, bring along a favourite toy or something new and exciting to entertain your child during the flight.