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Tickets for NyxAir flights are now available in Kuressaare Airport ticket office


Dear passengers!


We are happy to announce that tickets for NyxAir flights for Tallinn-Kuressaare route are now available for purchase in Kuressaare Airport ticket office.

Tickets can be bought by credit card or with cash.

NB! Kuressaare ticket office does not book tickets, tickets must be paid for right away.

Opening hours of Kuressaare Airport ticket office:

Mon-Fri: 07:10 – 20:10

Sat: 09:30 – 15:30

Sun: 10:10 – 20:10


Tickets with discount fare are available for:

•  Seniors (65 years or older)

•  Pupils/students (up to 24 years)

•  Children (2-12 years)

•  Infants


Appropriate documents, which prove the right for a discount, must be presented.

All passengers with special needs, holding an Estonian disabled persons card or a pension certificate, which states severety and duration of disability, can fly with a 100% discount fare. An escorting person travelling together with a disabled passenger will have a discount -15% of normal fare. Tickets for passengers with special needs and their companions are not sold in Kuressaare Airport ticket office, they must be obtained via NyxAir by email support [at] flynyx [dot] com or via callcentre +372 55627612.

All extra baggage, sporting equipment, musical instruments and pets must also be booked via NyxAir.


More information from Kuressaare Airport ticket office (tel: +372 453 0313) or on NyxAir website flynyx.com